Add-in component for Microsoft Outlook allowing the bulk saving of email

MsgSave is an add-in component for Windows versions of Microsoft Outlook allowing the bulk saving of selected .msg files, folders or the entire Inbox to any drive or location on your PC or network.

Once installed, MsgSave sits unobtrusively on the Outlook toolbar, looking just like one of the standard buttons.

MsgSave can save individually selected files, all files within a folder; and optionally any emails in sub-level folders; automatically saving them using a configurable naming convention based around the email details.

MsgSave can delete saved messages from your inbox as it goes along; so it's easy to keep track of your progress. It will also warn you of any duplicated saves, which you can keep or delete.

MsgSave can be used for:

  • Create a reliable email backup
  • Organise your email into folders on your hard-drive
  • Save messages to portable storage device to transfer between home and work
  • Gather business emails from different recipients into network folders
  • Transfer emails or email folders to another device or location
  • Retrospectively rename already saved .msg files



MsgSave 4.3.2